Due Diligence assistance

Is your business involved into a Due Diligence project? Do you take into consideration the risks associated to the people while you explore the business development?
Are you aware of the risk to loose the talents during an uncertain process and period?

We can assist the companies through their Due Diligence projects to identify and manage properly the people related risks:

Before the M&A we can assist you to analyze the risks associated to:

  • Organizational infrastructure
  • HR planning
  • HR management processes
  • Performance Management & rewards
  • Employee relations - Work & employment, HSE, etc
  • HR Information Systems
  • Strategic retention management

After the M&A we can assist you in defining and implementing the change strategy in order to:

  • Design the new organizational structure
  • Where the management strategy is integrating the talents
  • That has to adapt and fit into the new organizational culture